The Worth Of Jewelry: Retail vs. Resale

You are probably thinking of treating yourself with new jewelry pieces and getting rid of the old. Or maybe you have inherited some jewelry. Either way, the question on your mind is whether your jewelry is still valuable.

It\’s not easy to estimate the monetary value of your pieces, as you may have fine jewelry passed down through generations and not know its current value. As a result, the pieces you think are valuable may turn out to be valueless, while the simple pieces are costly.

Before you take your jewelry to the buyer, do your market research on the pieces to ensure you get the full price at second-hand value.

What Is My Jewelry Worth?

Depending on the kind of jewelry you are looking to sell, be it gold, silver, or diamond, and irrespective of whether it\’s men\’s or women\’s pieces, you need to understand its worth.

Understanding the worth of your jewelry helps you gauge the percentage to expect depending on the original price.

The jewelry\’s sale depends on its condition, brand, and market value. However, all factors considered, you can receive approximately 20-50% of the original value.

There are three ways to calculate the value of jewelry:

  • Intrinsic value is the total worth of the raw materials used to make jewelry.
  • Resale value may be higher than intrinsic value as it combines the craftsmanship and the raw materials used to make the piece.
  • The appraised value is dependent on the detailed description of the jewelry, including its color, cut, and clarity.

Retail vs Resale

Jewelry\’s retail price is the original price of the piece. Luxury jewelry stores must mark up the prices for them to make profits. The markups can average 250-300%, depending on the jewelry.

Once you purchase jewelry and leave the store, the piece immediately drops in value. The resale price is the amount you will get for selling your piece on the second-hand market. You will get an estimated 20-50% of the original price.

Several factors affect the value of your jewelry, such as:

  • Brands: Well-known luxury brands like Cartier, Chanel, Tiffany, or Van Cleef will fetch a higher price than unknown brands. Check for hallmarks on the pieces to identify the brands.
  • Market value: The worth of a piece is determined by its cost in the market. Rare pieces and collectibles may fetch more as they are in higher demand.
  • Condition: How well you care for the jewelry will affect its value. Gold, silver, or diamond pieces with chips, cracks, and scratches will go for less value.
  • Box and papers for designer jewelry: If you still have the box and brand papers that came with the jewelry, you may get more money. The boxes and papers for designer pieces are valuable to collectors.
  • Raw materials: The metal your jewelry is made of will determine its value. Precious metals are gold, diamond, titanium, and platinum.

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