What Makes Watches Unique?

An excellent luxury watch can be worth thousands of dollars, indicating its quality and craftsmanship. You are also paying for brand and reputation, but some of the best luxury watches have some features to make them truly distinctive. While there are dozens of reasons to choose one quality watch over another, the expert jewelers here at Sherman Diamonds\’ wanted to whittle down the specifics to help you purchase your next prize. If you\’re in the market for a classic timepiece or a conversation starter watch, keep reading to see our top five factors that make a watch unique.

Automatic movements

There are three main types of movements – the mechanism that makes a fine watch work. The traditional and most expensive option is a mechanical watch without a battery. These are referred to in the industry as certified mechanical movement, or COSC. If these non-battery-operate luxury watches are manual, they will require frequent winding. Most mechanical watches on the luxury watch market are \”automatic,\” which means they do not need any winding. Another alternative is a quartz watch, which uses batteries and electric energy to keep it ticking. You will still find quartz movements in some good-quality luxury watches, but generally, the most expensive watches are mechanical. Quartz watches \”tick\” from second to second, while mechanical watches move smoothly and without sound. Some of the best watch brands produce their movements in-house, which is considered a badge of honor. Of course, the bonus and exclusivity come with a price tag, but collectors say it\’s worth it.

Watches made in Switzerland, Germany, or Japan

There is a consensus among fine watch collectors and timepiece buyers that Switzerland, Germany, and Japan make the best watches, with Switzerland being considered the center of the watchmaking world. Most luxury watch brands are made in Switzerland (including Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Tissot, and Breitling), Japan (including Citizen and Seiko), and Germany (including the $10,000+ Söhne and A. Lange). Even further, some of the most regaled Swiss watches carry the \”Seal of Geneva,\” proving that a watch is made in the city that\’s considered the heart of luxury watchmaking. While a watch\’s location doesn\’t fully indicate its value or worthiness, these countries usually offer the strict quality criteria luxury watch buyers require.

Precious gemstones like diamonds, crystals, and sapphires

Watches can come decorated with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and other quality gems. The band and case can be sterling silver, 10K or 14K gold, or pure platinum. Of course, each diamond\’s grading is based entirely on its cut, clarity, and color, which can increase the value of a collector\’s watch. We know much about diamonds at the Houston diamond exchangeSherman Diamonds.

Another fancy stone in a watch is the \”crystal.\” This is the watch\’s transparent front window, with the best and most expensive regards having a synthetic sapphire \”crystal.\” This is a very scratch-resistant material with a gentle blue hue. Sapphire crystal is more likely to withstand substantial impacts, so it is worth its value. Crystal thickness is also an excellent unique quality to consider in a watch. The best watches have thicker synthetic sapphire crystals, which protect the jewelry against the elements.

Quality metal and leather case and band

You can tell a lot about how special and robust a watch is by the quality of the case and band the watchmaker uses. Inexpensive watches use hollow stainless steel on the strap, while low-end luxury watches use solid stainless steel. Decipherable by the weight, the most expensive luxury watches will be made from precious metals such as gold or platinum. Of course, you also get high-end luxury watches with leather straps, which tend to be lighter but still as unique. Minimize water contact if you choose a leather strap, and ensure the seams are symmetrical and narrow.

Metal bracelets fastened with screws instead of pins

When buying a luxury timepiece with a metal strap, check how the individual parts are held together. Do you see pins or screws? The best watches use screws because they tend to be more durable and look a bit more polished. These threaded bracelet screws are used when removing or adding links to metal watch bands and offer some personability. Screws sold individually allow you to order the size and type of screw you need. For a truly unique watch, ask your jeweler for their options with screws within the metal connections.

Your Checklist for What Makes Watches Unique

Many watch collectors prefer models that are accessible or can be worn daily without attracting attention. But for real enthusiasts, unique design, excellent craftsmanship, and sincere mechanical complexity determine a suitable timepiece. Whether you\’re looking for a beautiful, affordable watch with a quartz movement or a luxurious Seiko, Miyota, and Ronda watch with mechanical movements, always check the durability and value of a watch. If you\’re looking for a truly special watch, ensure you\’re looking for these precise details.

There are numerous factors to consider when looking for a truly unique watch. Houston jewelry expert, Sherman Diamonds, hopes these tips will help you find the timepiece of your dreams at the best possible price. Stop into the store to see our selection, or contact us with any other questions at 281-609-6440.